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Description : emerald is rated like precious stone with Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and others stones. It variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral. It is a mix of silica and others metals oxides. That color green is a mix between many physicals elements like vanadium (between titanium and chromium) or/and chromium (between vanadium and manganese).

Characteristics : green color – hardness 7.5 / 8 on the Mohs scale – Transparent / Translucide / Opaque (Find our Emerald on our Etsy page)

Astrology : Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn

History : It is toward 2000 BC that the first emeralds have been discovered, close to the Red sea. It successfull is due especially, because Cleopatra loved this stones. The word “emerald” to originated old Greek “smaragdos” (green gem), adapted in Latin “smaragdus”, then by old french “esmeraude”, finally took by mild-english “emerald). Today, we find emeralds in Colombia, Brazil, Russia and Africa. Colombia is the most supplier of emeralds in the world, around 60 per cent. After, it is Africa with 15 per cent, Brazil 12 per cent and Russia 4 per cent.


Power : Emerald is a precious stone with twice side, it can bring happiness if it is offer with good intents or bring misfortune. Like Opal, it is reputed to have all good qualities and all bad qualities about his owner. So, if you buy a emerald already used you need to know the old owner, because you will inherit of these qualities and default as well.

Positive in the East, Negative in the West, the emerald symbolize hopefulness and new. Usually called “stone of knowledge”. It bring with her knowledge, jewel enable to overcome ignorances of shadows. The emerald delivery enemies visible or invisible, it incited to created love compagnie and it repulse evil. It is a stone whimsical, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. It protect marines, escrocs and traffickers.                    

For the christian stonecutter this stone is symbol of dangerous and negativity, because Lucifer wore a emerald on his forehead, he lost his stone when he fell down. Wolfram Eschenbach affirmed that the Graal has been cut in Lucifer emerald. For Romans, emerald or “Venus stone” meant the love.                                                                                                    

Wear to the little finger of the left hand, it protect of bad minds. Wear to the ring finger of the left hand, it canalize of the divine will. 

Myth : Christopher Colombus believed into God, into his star and in the protection of his emerald. It was a wonderful stone that he had brought back of a island that called “Hispaniola” (today Haiti), during his first a crossing to India. It brought him lucky, until the day, while his fourth trip, he lost it toward Veragua (Dominican Republica). Then, the fate changed. He knew hunger and disease. In 1504, to back in Spain, he was sinking in misery and misfortune that his loyal José explain by the lost of his jewel.

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Youtube: find out more on our Youtube page.


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