DescriptionThe tanzanite (that you can find on our page Etsy) is the variety of mineral calcium aluminium silicate. That color blue / violet / purple is natural, but usually obtained or supported by thermal treatment. 


Characteristics : Blue / violet / purple color – hardness 6.5 / 7 on the Mohs scale – Transparent / Translucide / Opaque – Birthstone : December. 

Astrology signs : Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

History : It is in 1967 that discovered by a citizen of Tanzania. This discover is accidental, and he alerted the first local fortune hunter named Manuel d’Souza, who, him, knew the possible value of this discovery, so quickly registered four mining claims. These mysterious stones located in Africa in Tanzania, specially near the city of Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro.

It was a newest gems who were named “Chocolate stone” by its brown color, but when you put this stone to 600 degrees heat you obtained this wonderful color that is blue / violet or purple. Nobody were aware to the value of this new stones but they were certain to make some profits with this. So, in a really short time, already 90 more claims appeared in the same area. Nobody knew how called this new gems, someone thought to “Tanzanite” or “Zoisite” and it is Tiffany&Co. that given a real name of today, Tanzanite.

I am pretty sure that you have ever seen this stone. If you have ever watched the movie “Titanic”, well, you have already seen this precious stone. We could to see it when the suitor of Rose deWitt Bukater, offer to her for their engagement.

Power : It is the stone that most valuable to the linkage of the mind and heart. It opens a cascade of thoughts and insights, but it keeps one calmly anchored in the heart’s wisdom. Tanzanite’s linking the mind and heart occurs at the throat chakra. It will be very benefits for meditation because the spirit and the heart are connected by Tanzanite that takes place trough the linkage and attunement of the heart and third eye chakra. Also it is very good to helping to feel better from diseases or stress. 

Find us : Find our Tanzanite on our page Etsy. You could to find our large gamme of natural Tanzanite : shapes (Oval, Marquise, Round, Pear, Cushion), color AA and all cuts with facets.

Youtube: find out more info on our youtube page.


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