Description : The veritable ruby is an red corundum, it is more rare than diamond. It is one of the most precious of gemstones. The most beautiful Ruby come from Birmanie, where there are the world largest production of rubies (90 per cent). Sometimes named « Pigeon blood » therefor this red darkness color, it can to reach a huge price.

Characteristics : Red color – Hardness : 9 on Mohs scale – Transparent / Translucide / Opaque – Cuts : Facet / Cabochon (Find our Rubies on our Etsy page).

Astrology : Leo

History : The ruby has been discovered in Sri Lanka at VIIIe century BC. Its name come to Latin “Ruber” that is the etymology of “red”. The Roman scholar Pliny describing rubies like hardness and density in his Natural History. Old Hindus believed that those who offered rubies to the god Krishna were granted rebirth as emperors. Hindus splitted ruby into four castes, calling Brahmin. Someone in possession of this kind of Ruby thought to be powerful and very safety. Rubies have had many legends and histories. Peoples of India believed that own a ruby help them to be in peace with their ennemies. In Burma since at least 600 years ago, warriors thought that if they wore Rubies, they will be invincible in battle. It wasn’t enough, They had to insert on their bloods.

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Power : It is the royal stone for ambitious peoples. Its color change between light red (pink) and dark red (piegon blood). Its symbole is the fire and happiness. It bring joy and prosperity, it bring energy and health. It protect to poison, badness and misfortune. Divine stone, it alarm you when something of misfortune touch you to change color, thus, Ruby has seen like baleful stone. Possessed an Ruby is an promise to have a good life and happiness life.

It usually bad reputation with beautiful womens, celebrities actresses, it has nevertheless seduce Marie Antoinette and the Tzarine Alexandra Fedorovna.

Offer an Ruby at womens were to escape has her infidelity. And if you do an act of infidelity, the Ruby take vengeance.

Find us : Find our Rubies on our Etsy page. You could to find round, pear, oval and different others shapes, with two kind of cuts ; facet and cabochon. 

Youtube: Here is an awesome video made by our friend.


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