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Description : Amethyst is a semi precious stone of violet / purple color, which belongs to the Quartz family. Its name comes from Greek “methystos” (intoxicated), to explain that this stone was a powerful medicament to centralized your mind to take right decision. Its color varies from pale to deep purple, and is derived from the combination of trace amounts of iron and aluminum.

Characteristics : violet color AA – hardness 7 on the Mohs scale – Transparent / Translucide / Opaque (Find our more on our Etsy page)   

Astrology : Pisces 

History : The stone discovered by the Greeks was named “methystos” thanks to the color of wine with water. They thought then, that it would protect them against drunkenness. However its violet color is natural but after 250 degrees its color change. Above this temperature some Amethysts are discolored. Toward 500 degrees its color become citrine (yellow), this is how we obtain citrine stones, that you can find on our Etsy page.  

It is just at the beginning of the century that the Amethyst became very famous. It is in Brazil that the Amethyst production is the most important in the whole world but you can  find it also in Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia, the USA and Europe. 

Power : It is the gemme beneficial by excellence, it is a natural illness which bring happiness and wealth. Stone that protect against drunkenness, immune against poison and care for hangover. In the christian traditional it symbolises, humility and wisdom. The bishop as the pastor of souls, shall to keep sobriety, and with this stone you dont desire anymore to be drunk. Put under the pillow of its sleeper, it procreates benefits dreams, develop his memories and protect about spirituals poisonings and tentations. 

Worn in ring on the little finger of the left hand, the amethyst engraved of the lunar symbol, protect of dark magies and engraved of the sun symbol, it symbolises the initiation.

Myth : “Burrhus Roman general, owed at the Agrippine’s ask to be charged, from of 51 years, of education about Nero (futur Roman emperor). He had to watched out that each night, a amethyst had to be placed under his Nero pillow. Himself being sure about benefits of this gemstone, he wore a heavy ring with a huge Amethyst engrave with lunar symbol. In 62 years, it happened to Burrhus to forget his favorite jewel in his bath. It was this day that Burrhus was poisoned, by the order of Nero himself. afterward, the emperor wore the ring of his predecessor at his left hand. Until his death, Nero was loyal to his Amethyst.” 

Find us : Find our Amethysts on our Etsy page. You could find : round, marquise, pear, octagon, oval shapes. With two kinds of cuts facets and cabochon. 

YoutubeAll about Amethyst in video


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