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Description : Carnelian is an orange colored variety of Chalcedony. The Carnelian rock takes its name from the Kornel type of cherry. Carnelian is part of the semiprecious gemstone, Carnelian is a variety of the silica mineral.

Characteristic : The Carnelian rock take its color from the impurities of iron oxide. the color can vary greatly, going from pale orange to an intense almost-black coloration. The rock is uneven, splintery and conchoidal. Carnelian are commonly found in Brazil, India, Siberia and Germany.

History : The term Carnelian is a deformation of the word Cornelian (with take its root from the orthographies corneline and cornalyn), this deformation happen durring the 14th and 16th century. The first Carnelian is said to be discovered during the Bronze Age Minoan at Knossos on Crete, in a form that demonstrated is used in art and decorative feature. During the Roman time, it was widely used to make engraved gems for signet, or seal ring. Used for sealing letter or approving a contact.

Element : Fire

Power : Depending of the Carnelian rock can have different power such as;

  • Boosting training, and other physical exercise programs, for balancing body energy level, it also stimulate the appetite.
  • Aids architect, builders and constructions workers in the creation of they work.
  • Stimulate the power and stamina of athletes and military personnel.
  • Help journalist to establish form and organisation.
  • Stimulate motivation in salespersons.
  • Attract new ressources, bring luck and to attract prosperity.
  • It is said that it is  talisman for success in any money making.
  • It’s also known as the Singer’s Stone, because it clarify the voice.
  • It guard home from accident, such as theft, fire, and storm.
  • It lend courage needed to overcome difficulties and defend a cause.
  • It promotes idealism
  • An important crystals to use for love, and for the consummation of love.
    • Orange rock have a particular effect on fertility. Is often related with conceiving a child
    • Red rock tend to help with Love problem

Literature : I’ll leave you with “Pledges of Blessing” a poem by Goethe from his work, West-Eastern Diwan, Book of the Singer.

“Carnelian is a Talisman,

It brings good luck to child and man;

If resting on an onyx ground,

A sacred kiss imprint when found.

It drives away all evil things;

To thee and thine protection brings.

The Name of Allah, king of kings,

If graven on this stone, indeed,

will move to love and doughty deed.

From such a gem a woman gains

Sweet hope and comfort in her pains.”

Find us : Find our Carnelian on our Etsy page. You could find : round, marquise, pear, octagon, oval shapes. With two kinds of cuts facets and cabochon.

Youtube: a complementary video made by some friend.


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