Description: the lapis Lazuli is a stone of the family of semiprecious stones. This rock contains silicates (silicates consist of silica and of other metallic oxides). Used mainly in the sector of the jewellery (jewels, sculpture ..). It is a cheap stone, formerly used for some details decorating some statues.

Characteristics: his most present color remains the blue, any time we see there some golden brightness raising this stone – Hardness: 7 on the scale of Mohs – Opaque (to Find our models in photo on our page Etsy)

Name: his name results from Latin “Lapis” who wants to say “stone” and “Lazuli” meaning “azure”. She also bore another name derived of the Persian “ladjaward” which means”royal portion”.

Deposit: today main thing mines of Lapis Lazuli it places in Afghanistan, she is called “Sar-e-Sang”. It is in this region that we shall find the most beautiful stone azure. Any time, we also find there in Chile but semiprecious stones are more pale. We find there also in Russia and in Siberia.

History: discovered since more than 6500 years on the lands of Mesopotamia. Any time, this stone is used by Romain, Chinese, Greek, the Egyptians and obviously the Mesopotamians. Of different way but very often for the jewelry (vase, rings, necklace, plate). We found at the people& Sumerians, on some religious objects of the fragments of Lapis Lazuli. Today, some of his rooms are for sale (of a big value (2cm of stone for more than 1000 euros)).

The painters used him powder to give the tint blue ultramarine. She is used for example in Persian miniatures of the XIIth and XIIIth century, on the sky of the representation of the Last Judgment of the chapel Sixtine, miniatures of the abbey Saint Germain to Auxerre, etc. … His price exceeded that of the gold. His use as ultramarine colours was arrested in 1828 after the discovery of a less expensive, artificial tint.

In Egypt this azure stone was used to decorate the graves of the Pharaohs. As a stone royal and spiritual.

Power: the lapis lazuli is considered as having of numerous to be able to; renowned beneficial for the sick, also for the forsaken. This blue stone attracts the sympathy, and if you are discouraged he will help you catch up. During your at night tourmented, he will calm you the spirit and will facilitate you the sleep. As well as quite the others stone of colors blue as the Turquoise, Larimar, blue Saphire, they protect against the curses and negative lives. Especially, never to offer Lapis Lazuli for a bride, her love would remain platonic.

This azure rock, will save you from quite cramps or inflammation in full jogging. Furthermore, mixed with some gold, this mixture relieves against her.

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