Description: The Rainbow Moonstone is a name given to a specific variety of Labradorite. It’s unique trait is that it exhibits a blue or multicolored on a light body color. Rainbow Moonstone is a member of the feldspar group.

Characteristic: Rainbow Moonstone has a Mohs of 6 -6.5. It is unique in the feldspar group not only because it make up nearly 60% of the Earth’s crust, its unique because of the color it exhibits. The unique trait of Moonstone is orthoclase (potassium feldspar), unlike the Labradorite (plagioclase feldspar).


Specific: What make the difference between true Moonstone and Labradorite. Is even if they are both related, they aren’t technically the same material. The reason for Rainbow Moonstone to be integrated in the moonstone family is due to the adularescence, which according to some, it gain the title of moonstone. Although the adularescence of the Rainbow Moonstone is caused by the same phenomenon as Labradorite (for more info see Labradorite article). Where true orthoclase gets its rare adularescence from albite inclusions. Rainbow Moonstone composition set it apart from the Moonstone. Some refer The Rainbow Moonstone as the “Rainbow Labradorite”. But neither one of those name is wrong or right.

Planet: Moon

Element: Wind, Water

rough Rainbow Moonstone

Fame: Moonstone was really popular in the age of “Art Nouveau”, which took place more than 100 years ago. It was used to decorate striking amount of gems in jewelry, created by a renown french artist, René Lalique, as well as many of his fellow artisans. His rare pieces are now found in museums or in private collections.

Sign: cancer, libra, Scorpio

Folklore: Rainbow Moonstone say that this gems is connected to the Moon, it’s dedicated to many deities and god across the world and for countless centuries. It was often used for ritual, ritual jewel are often made from silver and moonstone. Many wand has been made from moonstone at one end and Quartz point at the other.

A basic ritual to do with moonstone, the goal of this ritual is to draw love into your life. the process is, during a full moon by setting 5 to 7 moonstone in a circle and then placing a pink  candle in the center. After lighting the candle, sit and imagine yourself in a loving relation.

Moonstone has always been one of the favorite when you had to work out love problems between lovers.

If you are starting a New garden bury the stone, so it give fertility to the ground and plant. Or if you have a tree that is not producing as it should, tie the rock to a branch, and it will be regrowing as it should.
Legends: In Hindu legend, it is said moonstone was formed from moonbeams. At one time it was believe that if you held one in your mouth while it was the full moon it would let you see your own future. While in India, moonstone is still seen as a sacred stone and it is widely believed to bring good fortune.
In ancient Rome moonstone was associated with the moon and it was speculated that the gems was made from moonlight. they considered the gemstone possess traditional associate with the moon, leading with romance, femininity, intuition, dream and the emotions.

In many cultures, moonstone is strongly associated with love. It is a highly prized gift for lovers as it is thought to arouse tender passion. Lovers who possess a moonstone are said to be able to foretell their future life together. According to one legend, two people wearing moonstone will fall passionately in love when the moon is high.

Cut and Shape: Opaque rainbow moonstone are more often cut in cabochon in order to maximize the adularescence. Not to forget that the orientation of the cut is primordial and the height as well since they will let the stone achieve the desired sheen. If the stone is transparent then you make it faceted. If you encountered large transparent Rainbow Moonstone then you are lucky due to its rarity.

Opaque rainbow moonstone is mostly cut en cabochon to maximize its attractive adularescence. The orientation of the cut is important and an appropriate height will achieve the desired sheen. Transparent stones are faceted. Large transparent gemstones command high prices because they are rare.

Physical Ailment: it can help you recover from; arthritis, Birthing, Headache, Infertility, Insomnia, Menopause, Pregnancy, Sting and Bites, and Stomach pain
Emotional Ailment: Rainbow Moonstone help you recover in many way, it help you when you are Angry, it help your composure and in centering yourself, it help getting an Emotional Balance, as well as healing emotional problem, it help overcome the fear of the dark, it help gain happiness as well as harmony, hope and it nurture positive energy.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Moonstone

  1. Nice presentation of your gemstones 🙂
    I just visited your Etsy Shop and saw, that you are only selling to US. I live in Spain. About your very small gemstones, you will need to contact the exclusive jewelers, because they are not much used in traditional handmade jewelry, not at Etsy either. I sell there too and sell semi-precious jewelry, one of a kind unless I get a specific order at several of same kind. So just good advice.

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