Description: Being the 2nd most popular gems, the most popular gemstone is the sapphire. The blue Topaz is only 2nd due to the fact that most buyers do not understand it, also there as been controversy in the USA which has led some buyer to there purchases.


Characteristic: Sky Blue Topaz Mohs is of 8, which put it in the top of the board. Sky Blue Topaz, is known to be a pretty stone that exist in a variety of brilliant hues with a striking vitreous luster. Sky Blue Topaz is a gems that has a really low price per carat, compare to similar gems with the same color.

Notes: There is 2 important point that are to be mentioned when talking about Sky Blue Topaz. First of all, while topaz is very hard, the durability of the stone is low. Due to it’s perfect cleavage, a trait that it has in common which diamond. Meaning it can cut, slit or chipped by a sharp blow, so it should be protected from knock, and any shock. Secondly, it is not naturally saturated blues, such as you can find today on the market. Natural Blue topaz, is very rare, it mostly tend to be a very pale blue. Most vivid blues available in the shop have been made by treating white topaz. How? Using irradiation and often heat. The color change is permanent and stable.

Swiss blue Topaz

IrradiationThe Blue Topaz, there is three way to irradiate it, all three method have different result. First, used to make very pale blue, is exposure to a gamma ray in a cobalt irradiator, this method doesn’t cause radiation. Second, method use electron bombardment in an accelerator, also known as “Linac” treatment and make Sky Blue Topaz. And the third method, is to exposes the stone to fast neutrons in a nuclear reactor, this produces the darker hues known as “London blue”.

Due to residual radioactivity, the irradiated topaz must be held in a secure facility for a specified period of time before it can be released for heating, cutting and polishing. The time varies from a few weeks for topaz irradiated in a linear accelerator to a few years for topaz irradiated in a nuclear reactor. There are very strict rules in place to protect not only consumers but also the cutters and gem dealers who handle these gems on a daily basis.

Irradation result

Once the stone change color, we keeping the Gamma Ray and the Linac for 6 month in a warehouse to make sure their is no radiation. And we keep the London Blue Topaz for two years.

We follow NRC policy.

Meaning: The name Topaz is full of secret depending where you go the meaning can change. In the Hindu Religion Topaz mean heat, it’s the sacred stone of the Hinu’s Kalpa Tree. It could also come from the egyptians island in the red sea, Topazos. Or even from the greek, Topazion, meaning fire.

Some studies agree to say that the actual meaning is derived from Sanskrit and means “Fire”. There is believed to be an island called Topazos in the red sea near Greece, where a yellow colored topaz variety used to be mined. Now mainly the yellow ( today known as imperial topaz ) is found in Brazil. Most of the other commercial productions are from Nigeria and Brazil with some deposits still found in India, Sri lanka, Burma, Russia, Laos.

Symbol And Power: Blue topaz promotes harmony and relaxation and can be especially helpful in healing hearth feelings and calming frayed nerves. In the past, topaz has been used to soothe fears and protect against nightmares to give a restful and serene night’s sleep.

sky blue topaz

It was believed that blue topaz had the a cooling power, they were used against burn and for cooling boiling water. These powers extended to the emotional and spiritual world, associating topaz with preventing anger and instability, and cooling raging tempers.

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