Description: Smoky Quartz is a variety of Quartz, it gets its name from it’s particular color. It’s a very common mineral, but it has never been an important part of history, it is really new that it gains popularity.


Characteristic: Smoky Quartz has an hardness of 7, it’s particular color range from Gray to black going through a range of Brown. Smoky Quartz is always transparent / translucent, it has a vitreous aspect, the most important source of exportation are Brazil and USA, but Smoky Quartz can be found anywhere around the world.

Alternative Names and Variety: CairngormSmokey Quartz, Smoky Topaz, Smoky Citrine, Morion

Sign: Capricorn, Virgo, and Sagittarius

Lore & Legends: the history behind Smoky Quartz, start around 300 B.C, it was a sacred stone for the ancient Druid and Celts that began colonizing the British Island, the clear and yet earthy color represent the hidden dark power of the earth gods, it was common to hear the association with Hecate, the god of the Occult and Dark Moon, and Crom Dubh or the God of Harvest,  also know as “Dark Bent One” or as “Dark Bowed One”. this association were due to the smoky and yet sometime ghostly appearance of the rocks.

It was also associated to Samhain, the Gaelic festival, that marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, it was celebrated with huge bonfires which had the time was believed to have protective qualities.

It’s one of the most favorite ornamental stone for the Scottish dirk, or black dagger (Sgian Dubh, small dagger that you hide under your cloth, the dagger had a black handle and a hard jet made of black wood). It was a conceal weapon, used by all. Normally, when visiting a friend, you would leave all weapon at the front door, but they always kept there Sgian Dubh, but they would reveal it as they enter their friend house. And leave it in the stocking.

smke quartz

A crystal sphere of Smoky Quartz, two and a half inches in diameter, tops the Scepter of Power in the “Honors of Scotland,” as the Royal Jewels are called. They are comprised of the Crown, Sword and Scepter; the oldest being the Scepter, a gift from Pope Alexander VI to King James IV as a symbol of papal support for Scotland, a “special daughter of the Holy See.”

In the ancient world, Smoky Quartz and other variety of Quartz were used as well, everyone used it , in different manners;

  • The Romans carved intaglio seals,
  • The Sumerians engraved and cut it to make cylinder seals which evolved to ring seals.
  • Chinese, made snuff boxes, as well as cutting it into flat panel, and then make sunglasses. It wasn’t made to correct the views, or to protect from U.V. they were made to hide your face. Old document, teach us that these sunglasses, were used by judges in Chinese courts to hide their expressions, when they were interrogating someone.

In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Smoky Quartz crucifixes were traditionally put on bedroom walls at night as a guardian against bad luck and to keep evil away, both human and paranormal.

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