Description: Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals which includes hydroxyl-apatite, fluor-apatite and chlor-apatite. Apatite is the most common type of phosphate in the world and it is the main source for phosphorus, a chemical essential to bioenergetic and photosynthesis. Apatite is composed of calcium phosphate, which is the same material that makes up teeth and bones. Apatite can be identified through several testing methods. Fluorescence is one way to distinguish apatite specimens. Apatite has an hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale.

Power: Apatite is a stone with several properties and powers. It is renowned to promote the union with the inner-self in order to draw healing, communication, balance and knowledge. Apatite is effective in losing weight it does not only reduces the appetite but also allows you to look inwards to discover the truth. This incursion is helpful in the fight against overweight because through it you will be able to determinate the source of the problem. In this context you can use apatite during a meditation or introspection session and wear it permanently it the form of a pendant for example, at the solar plexus chakra level, which is connected to the stomach and digestive system. Apatite is also recommended for rapid bone repair and reinforcement. It helps your body absorbing aliment’s calcium, and keeps your teeth and bones strong. Apatite do relieve pain and heals the joints faster. Apatite can also calm hypertension, if you wear your stone close to the hearth. However if you pin it to your shirt it should work. If you tend to let yourself be dominated by your emotions, particularly in emergency situation, then apatite maybe can help you. With apatite you will be calmer and logic will be your master-word.If you are a creative also, wearing apatite can help originality, and make your work better. Need motivation to complete your tasks? Holding a gold or red apatite during meditation permit to stay focus on work.

Etymologist: The apatite is varied in appearance and colors and was for a long time confused with other minerals. Its chemical composition has only been determined at the end of the 18th century. It is for this reason that the German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner gave him in 1786 the name of apatite from the Greek “atapan” (deceive)

History: The name ‘apatite’ was derived from a Greek word meaning ‘deceive’. It was given its name because of its close resemblance to several other gemstones that are often more valuable. As a result, apatite became unfairly labeled as the ‘deceitful stone’.¬†Apatite is found in a number of places in the world, including Myanmar (Burma), India, Kenya, Brazil, Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Madagascar is known to produce a neon blue-green material that is highly desirable. A rare variety is a rich purple apatite from Maine.

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