Ammolite is a wonderful gemstone which offers a nice display of colors. Ammolite cabochons are mainly formed by mineral materials in Canada. This shining  gemstone let to produces very bright jewels.


Presentation: Ammolite is a gemstone which is formed in rock mountains. This is an organic (or more precisely biogenic) gemstone which belongs to the family of Opal gemstones. Its composition is similar to Amber and Pearl. Those are  rare and precious gemstones. Ammolite were officially declared as a gemstone in 1981 by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). The other given names of Ammolite are gem ammonite, calcentine and Korite. It exists in different colors like gray to brown or radiant blue with red to green reflects. It has a hardness of 3.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale.You can recognize easily an Ammolite by put it under an ultraviolet light. It will normally fluoresce a mustard yellow color. The characteristics to identify an Ammolite are  iridescence (when exposed to light make, the reflection seem like a rainbow), and the chromatic shift.

Origins: Basically, Ammolite is the first name given to two kind of fossils (Placenticeras meeki and Placenticeras intercalare) for the trade. Those are prehistoric marine fossils. Ammolite is formed by mineralization, tectonic pressures and heat. It is very unique and hard to imitate. Ammolite are also linked to ammonites which are the origin of this variety of gemstones.  The principal deposits of high quality Ammolite are situated in  Canada and in the south of the USA.


History: Ammolite was first used in jewelry during the sixties. Million years ago, Ammonite were  presents in many areas, they were  belonging to the biodiversity of the Age. Blackfoot Indians were the first people to collect Ammolite but it was called “iniskin” or “buffalo stone”. The history of Ammolite is mainly illustrated by each time when it was discovered  in different areas: Saint Mary River in 1908, Alberta in 1967 and in other areas from the 70’s until today.

Power: Some people believe that Ammolite has the power to bring positive energy, beauty and ancient heritage. The collectors like the call it “the gem of enlightenment”. The Ancient Blackfoot Indians used to consider Ammolite to bring luck and hold spiritual qualities. Nowadays, Ammolite is again appreciated for its Feng Shui and healing properties.

Cut & Shape: In general, Ammolite is very appreciate for its natural cut  and patterns. That’s why it is cut in cabochon. It is cut by hands to maximize the inherently bright colors. This freeform style with a non-coated hand finish make its particularity. The differents patterns of Ammolites have various names to describe them like Floral (flower petals), Suture gem (suture of leaf pattern),  Banding (distinct color bands), Feather (tendrils) or  Paintbrush (broad strokes). To take care and maintain an Ammolite, water and soap are enough.

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