Ammolite is a wonderful gemstone which offers a nice display of colors. Ammolite cabochons are mainly formed by mineral materials in Canada. This shining ¬†gemstone let to produces very bright jewels. Presentation: Ammolite is a gemstone which is formed in rock mountains. This is an organic (or more precisely biogenic) gemstone which belongs to the … Continue reading Ammolite



Description: Turquoise exists in shades ranging from deep blue to deep green. It depends of the coloring elements it contains. Thus, the more copper the more, the more¬† turquoise is blue, chromium and vanadium give a green shade, and iron gives a yellow note. Turquoise can tarnish or change color if it dries out (it … Continue reading Turquoise


Description: The sunstone has a translucent orange-red or opaque reddish-brown color, but may also be orange, brown or red with glittering hematite and goethite lamellae which are almost always opaque and has a metallized and iridescent appearance due to the inclusions of 'hematite. The biggest mines of sunstone are located in Canada, India, Russia and … Continue reading Sunstone